Finally, email hosting

built for outbound.

Get hundreds of email accounts and domains set up right for your cold email campaign.

Send millions of emails each day for great companies

Fly under the radar

Instead of sending hundreds of emails from a single domain, send them out from dozens of domains. maildoso automates domain setup, mailbox creation process and helps you to achieve unmatched deliverability.


Old days are gone

Old strategies no longer work. You need to adapt if you want to succeed with cold email.


Get 60%+ open rates

By sending out a low volume of emails from multiple domains you can avoid landing in junk folders.


Skyrocket replies

You have a higher chance of getting replies if your deliverability is great.

Save hundreds of hours on setting up sending domains and email accounts

Forget about SPF, MX, DKIM, and other DNS things. No matter how many sending domains and email accounts you need, get them all set up properly in no time.

Out-of-the-box setup

Get domains and email accounts already set up for outreach campaigns.

Domain forwarding

All domains automatically redirect your customers to a main site.

Great deliverability

maildoso rotates IP addresses to reach perfect deliverability

"Master inbox is a game changer!"


Global Demand Gen at

Master Inbox

Use one email account to operate thousands of them

Use your favorite email client

Connect your email client to a single email account that would receive and send emails through thousands of your sending accounts.

Reply to all emails from a single account

A smart system will automatically identify from what email account should be sent a reply based on conversation history. You just reply we’ll take care of the rest.

No more OOO chaos

Your inbox will never be cluttered with tons of out-of-office replies. They all archived automatically

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Connect your emails easily to a favorite cold email software

Get an import ready CSV file with all your sending accounts.

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